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Start-Up streaming

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Start-Up French (VFF)

Start-Up (2019) - VO

Version Originale
Start-Up streaming sur zone telechargement


Réalisateur(s) : Choi Jung-yol
Acteur(s) : Park Jung-min, Ma Dong-seok, Jung Hae-in, Yum Jung-ah
Genre : Drame
Année de production : 2019
Durée : 102
Version : Version Originale


Taek-il recklessly leaves home, defying his mother who asks him to go to college. In the unfamiliar neighborhood, he happens to get a job as a delivery man for a Chinese restaurant. And he mingles with new people such as Geo-seok, a chef, and Kyung-ju, a boxer. Meanwhile, Sang-pil, a friend of Taek-il, enters the private loan business to make money. At first, it seems easy to make a big fortune, but soon he finds himself in pain as he faces unexpected things.

Publie Le 15-01-2020, 15:02 par Billy Goal
Tags : Telecharger Start-Up Start-Up VO Start-Up 2019 Start-Up Start-Up streaming Version Originale
Site de streaming et site de téléchargement qui vous permet de regarder vos films complets. Regardez vos films en ligne en version française ou en version originale. De nombreux films disponibles sans limite sur annuaire-telechargement et zone-telechargement.


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